Keyshotphotography | Lisa Turner

All frames and wall art are hand-crafted and recycled by Lisa, from old lobster trap wood fished in the Florida Keys. The personality and beauty of each piece of wood has been created by nature itself, including the occasional tropical storm or hurricane! Look closely and you will see the fine lines etched by marine worms and animals, the holes and rust stains made by the salt water, the shells and barnacles found on wood from deeper waters, and the nails, staples, and lid straps used to fish the traps. In order to maintain its natural beauty, I leave each piece of wood exactly the same as it comes off the traps. Custom orders are available upon request. Lobster trap tags or “certificates” are required by the state of Florida to fish each lobster trap every year. Each tag shows the year fished, the number of certificate issued to each fisherman and the number of each fisherman who fished the trap. An official tag can be added to any of my frames or wall art at no extra charge. Contact Info: Island Designs by Lisa 305-481-0667